ArchiveMarch 2005

Secure ur PC


Today i had a hard job of cleaning up my pc….it was becoming sloow..was hanging up frequently….the internet explorer was taking me to really UNWANTED sites ;)…..and more over i felt like someone was tapping my bandwidth…So i realised…its not safe to keep my pc “nude” before the world…i had norton and zonealarm..and google popup blocker…and...

sell ??? phones


Once i had a cool Phone(atleast it was cool for me!!) E700..I bought it at a time when people here were not that aware about the camera phones…it was the time when c100 was rocking the teens…To be honest i’m a true SAMSUNG fan…I just love there craftmanship and technology.First i had one R220. At that time every one seems to have a 3310 wth them..i dont know what those...

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