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Month: March 2005

Secure ur PC

Today i had a hard job of cleaning up my pc….it was becoming sloow..was hanging up frequently….the internet explorer was taking me to really UNWANTED sites ;)…..and more over i felt like someone was tapping my bandwidth…So i realised…its not safe to keep my pc “nude” before the world…i had norton and zonealarm..and google popup blocker…and spybot and adaware…enuf to keep a system in perfect health…But…during gaming sessions i usually close’em all…to save proccessor & memory juice…hmm… so i decided to giv a small guide on online traps to my readers….First of all you should understand what types of threats are there on the net… While most users are aware of virus and worms threat, they usually overlook the other biggest threat ie the spywares. Spywares are programs that get installed on your computer without your knowledge and collect data about your usage patterns like what sites you visit, what programs you run, even your personal details like age, gender and financial details too : all those things that can be useful for a marketing company to send you customized advertising. These programs send this data back to their websites where they are given to spammers and advertisers. All these things happen without the user’s knowledge and that is the most ironical point of the we shall look deep into the details…;) We can categorize spywares as… Adwares:...

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sell ??? phones

Once i had a cool Phone(atleast it was cool for me!!) E700..I bought it at a time when people here were not that aware about the camera phones…it was the time when c100 was rocking the teens…To be honest i’m a true SAMSUNG fan…I just love there craftmanship and technology.First i had one R220. At that time every one seems to have a 3310 wth them..i dont know what those people was having in thing,the snake. Then i switched to C100.It was a cool phone with a slim body… i used to keep it in my back pocket!!And had a very good screen a UFB(Ultra fine bright) screen.Then the ringtones. That was the time of reliance intro to the market.And they had polyphonic sets.And it seemed like “only reliance had polyphonic ” tones.Cz every time my phone rings , i heard people murmrng ..”oh another reliance guy..” i did almost evrything i cud do with that phone. I moded it,tweaked it so that i cud load ringtones which played for 2 minutes. i loaded the whole BOYS song onto it. But later i realized that it was aging…B’cz everyone have a color phone…Then what is next???…there came the Ad where that cute model take selfportraits on an e700.My eyes got stuck on that beauty..(Definetly not on the girl 🙂 )I decided it shud be my nxt phone.I sold...

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