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Once i had a cool Phone(atleast it was cool for me!!) E700..I bought it at a time when people here were not that aware about the camera phones…it was the time when c100 was rocking the teens…To be honest i’m a true SAMSUNG fan…I just love there craftmanship and technology.First i had one R220.

At that time every one seems to have a 3310 wth them..i dont know what those people was having in thing,the snake.
Then i switched to C100.It was a cool phone with a slim body…
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i used to keep it in my back pocket!!And had a very good screen a UFB(Ultra fine bright) screen.Then the ringtones.
That was the time of reliance intro to the market.And they had polyphonic sets.And it seemed like “only reliance had polyphonic ” tones.Cz every time my phone rings , i heard people murmrng ..”oh another reliance guy..”
i did almost evrything i cud do with that phone.
I moded it,tweaked it so that i cud load ringtones which played for 2 minutes.
i loaded the whole BOYS song onto it.
But later i realized that it was aging…B’cz everyone have a color phone…Then what is next???…there came the Ad where that cute model take selfportraits on an e700.My eyes got stuck on that beauty..(Definetly not on the girl 🙂 )I decided it shud be my nxt phone.I sold c100 to my friend and bought one E700 for 16K.
it was defintly a cool phone .Great screen with awesome colr display and rocking sound!.

But the point is it has “CAMERA”…The thing other guys lacked at that time…and so i became a HERO!!!….i used to flash it to the people when ever i got a chance and took a LOT of pics…It was then i realized the capabilities of a camera phone…I could take pics of people without their cool it is…
Then came the problem of pc connectivity.The datacable for c100 was not a matching one for e700.And to add to that no vendors in tvm or ekm had a suitable capable in stock!!!So what to to do with the photos??
Thanks for the 9 Mb memory….Then i bought an infrared port.But the problem here is u cannot Flash (Flashing is clearing the ROM of the phone and fedding it with new software…just like flashing bios) using infrared port..The phone shud be in Off mode to do the flash and u cannot use infrared when the phone is off…I decided to wait for a few months..But then i got one cable from chennai…Soon i modded my phone and it became the talk of the college!!!..i created a matrix mode and used matrix theme…i dont know how much pics i had taken using that phone…Now my harddisk hv about 500mb of e700 pics…
time went on and atlast i had to sell my e700 for a ….ahem..some ..ok i was in need of some money and so i sold my cell..i had no other choice…it was 2 months ago…
now e700 seems prehistoric and its the time of video and mp3 cells…I’m waiting for a brand new samsung cell ………..The SGH-I300 …

it offers 3GB(read it?? its GB!!!) of storage space, which is considerably more than that available in any cell phone currently on the market, and is Samsung’s second phone to feature a hard drive. The first phone, the SPH-V5400, was unveiled in September last year in korea (and only in korea) and offered 1.5GB of space. That handset was the first cell phone in the world to include a hard drive.The new one features a 1.3-megapixel (i thnk we dont need a 3 mp camera for our basic needs!!!) camera and support for a host of video and audio standards.and supports Bluetooth, IrDA infrared, and USB connections
and …the problem is its not launched here …its only available in announced thth they will introduce it here in the latest cell expo conducted at delhi…ok ..i trust those guys..i’m ready to wait..but now one thing can any one guess the price???? has promised to keep it below 20k!!!!

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