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Month: April 2005

Blue DvD

We’ve seen DVDs replacing CDs,But what next??The next on arena are HD-DVD and Blue-Ray Disc.Both use a blue-laser for read-write instead of the usual red laser in curreb\nt generation DVDs.Blue rays have the shortest wave lenght among the visible spectrem.So it can pack more data within the same space.Both HD-DVD and Blure-Ray DVD use Blue laser ,but they use the technology in two ways.Lets go deep into two of’em Blue-ray discs are more efficient with using the blue laser and pack at least 25GB per layer,whichcan be increased in multiples of 25 as you add more layers and use both sides of the media.The developers are saying that they could introduce 50GB this year and then by 2007 it will reach 200GB.To achieve this they use a completely new technology and hence it costs lot for mass production….lot means…sony released a 23GB Blue ray drive with SCSI and USB interface and the cost is well above 1.25Lakhs Rs. HD-DVD on the other hand starts with 15 GB per layer and the capacities wud therefore increase in multiples of 15.Blue_ray is definitly a superio technology.But technology alone wont save a product.Production and marketing costs are also important.But HD-DVD maintains some backward compatability with DVD,so the same production facilities can be used to manufacture its products,meaning lesser production cost ,faster time to market and low cost to products.And there is a...

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Internet2 P2P

I think every one knows about P2P file sharing…You can get any(legal & illegal) files frm a P2P (peer to peer) network. Even thogh it claims that P2P networks works efficiently by utilising full bandwidth available it will take ages to get a movie or a game.Now here is Internet2.Its still in developing stage and is under test on universties across US where it is mainly used for research purpuses.Now Students are using it for illegal file transfer.They transfer Movies and song collections with in a second(6GB+/Sec).College campuses are the front lines of the recording industry’s anti-peer-to-peer (P2P) crusade, and many schools have placed technical restrictions on student downloading. However, students often find a workaround. And Internet2, known as i2hub, may prove to be that work around. Unlike the Internet itself, i2hub enables student file-swappers to transmit large files — like song collections or movies — almost as fast as you can say “Avril Lavigne.” Earlier this month, a team of international researchers broke an i2hub record by transferring data over 7,000 miles at a speed of 6.25 GB per second –- approximately 10,000 times faster than an average broadband connection. Using the i2hub for the unauthorized transmission of copyrighted material is forbidden, Internet2 universities have been at the forefront of working with the recording industry and motion picture industry to make prevent those things from happening. Many universities,...

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Now they can tap ur phone!!

An Israeli scientist.Elad Barkan and his team found a flaw in the GSM(Global System for Mobile communications) code that allow you to break into mobile phone calls and even take over callers identity.According to Barkan,The GSM code gives high prority to call qualities and noise interference correction after which it encrypts the call.This enabled the hackers to break into the call. The GSM association said that they know about this vulnerability,and had even released a patch to fix the encryption algorithm.However the hackers claimed that they managed to surpase the new encryptin system. So its not safe to carry out confidential conversation over GSM networks as your rivals can easily tap...

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Modify system properties tab

When you rightclick ‘My Computer’ and choose properties, or on the Control Panel click System, there’s your systems’ properties. The first tab you might consider your machines’ id. Underneath the screen might be a picture already, provided by the manufacturer of your machine.So what about hacking it?? Like this…….. [click the image to view in full size] Interested in trying it in ur system???…okay…but be prepared… 1.Check for a file Oemlogo.bmp on system32 folder 2.If it is there then just edit tht pic,else create a bmb image below 160*160 size and save it in system32 folder with the name Oemlogo.bmp. 3.If the file was there already then there will ben a file named Oeminfo.ini.If not there, create a .txt file there and rename it .The syntax of the file would be [General] Manufacturer=Your fake company like srijith v Model=Whatever you call your machine SupportURL= LocalFile=Path to local html file [ICW] Product=Tell us, please! [OEMSpecific] SubModel=More branding to edit SerialNo=xxxxxxxxsrijith v yyyyy OEM1=Srijith V OEM2=rules!! [Support Information] Line1=If item is there, and Line2=at least one line set, Line3=”Support information button” appears Line4=and info in the lines appears. Line5= Line6=Use empty lines for a spacebreak, Line7=as many lines as you’d like, Line8= …etc The first two lines, Manufacturer and Model, are displayed on this tab. Actually, you can leave the model line empty; it’s the manufacturer line that is required to...

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Wireless tangle

There is so much noise about wireless today..,that it has raised a new problem-that of choosing the right technology! In near future u may find companies contending for the same space.The best example of this is GSM and CDMA. CDMA was introduced at time,when GSM was well established.Remember the heated discussions about who is best?? Now both technologies coexit.The same is what happening over short-range wireless technologies.Now only bluetooth is available(strong in market).But two other technologies are likely to make there way into our digital life! These are ZigBee and Wireless USB.Out of these wireless USB is targeting similar applications as bluetooth and ZigBee has a different segment of market,though with a bit of overlap. Today,bluetooth is the technology of choice for many PAN(personal area networks).You can find a huge list of applications and products for bluetooth at there home site.This in effect means that it is a well established technology.Here is where Wireless USB is expected to be introduced.It has a whooping speed of 480Mbps where Bluetooths latest release v2.0EDR(Enhanced Data Rate) have a speed of max 3Mbps.So its clear that wireless USB is targetting at the products that use a wired usb now.So soon we could see our digital camera send a print order to the printer thru air! Let’s come to ZigBee.This one is positioning itself as a low data rate wireless technology! Which is interesting...

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