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The heat is on again in the processor war,and this time it’s not just clock speed,but many other factors..After AMD went out with its “64-bit to the desktop” campaign,its now intel’s turn–and the answers seems to be the new 6xxx series of P4 processors.The key features built into these processors include a 64-bit extension called EM64T(Extended Memory 64 Technology),Speed Step and XD(eXecute Disable) technology.

With EM64T,Intel now supports 32-bit apps in a64-bit OS,very similar to AMD’s offering!More over its backward compatable with Socket 775,meaning they can work 0n the 915 & 925 based chipsets.And L2 cache has been rised to 2MB.

Speed Step is not a new technology.Its been around in mobile processor versions from intel.Here,the processor will step down to a lo wer clock speed when lying idle,thus saving power and avoids overheating! XD is intels intiative to bring secuirty to hardware level to compat the growing threats .This feature helps control buffer overflows,the most common technique used by security threats.AMD also has a similar feature in its 64-series ,known as EVP(Enhanced Virus Protection).

With new P4 series ,Intel also joined the 64-bit race to desktop with AMD.And for any one reading this having a 64-bit processor,a free beta testing version of Windoes XP 64-bit edition RC2 is available for download(360 days trial)to enjoy true 64-bit computing.I think we might see a shift to 64-bit desktop sooner than we can imagine!

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