Have you ever tried to change ur yahoo smileys??well… Then here it is..its simple..ctrl+c and ctrl+v 🙂 any one can du it!. ok…

1–>open C:Program FilesYahoo!MessengerMediasmileys

2–>find the smiley u want to change(set view to thumbnails)

3–>Note the file name…it will be a number

4–>Then Rename it to anything u like(just for a back up!!)

5–>Then Rename the .gif file that you want to use as the filename in step

copy and paste it to the C:Program FilesYahoo!Messenger Mediasmileys

Thats all……Now everytime the particular smiley is used u will see the replaced image..

So done?? If u have any doubt pm me @ frmneo999 …and i have collected some smiley set..enuf to replace the whole yahoo smileys.Now i have no time to upload it.So if u really want to try out it contact me..okaay??