Wireless tangle

There is so much noise about wireless today..,that it has raised a new problem-that of choosing the right technology! In near future u may find companies contending for the same space.The best example of this is GSM and CDMA. CDMA was introduced at time,when GSM was well established.Remember the heated discussions about who is best?? Now both technologies coexit.The same is what happening over short-range wireless technologies.Now only bluetooth is available(strong in market).But two other technologies are likely to make there way into our digital life! These are ZigBee and Wireless USB.Out of these wireless USB is targeting similar applications as bluetooth and ZigBee has a different segment of market,though with a bit of overlap.
Today,bluetooth is the technology of choice for many PAN(personal area networks).You can find a huge list of applications and products for bluetooth at there home site.This in effect means that it is a well established technology.Here is where Wireless USB is expected to be introduced.It has a whooping speed of 480Mbps where Bluetooths latest release v2.0EDR(Enhanced Data Rate) have a speed of max 3Mbps.So its clear that wireless USB is targetting at the products that use a wired usb now.So soon we could see our digital camera send a print order to the printer thru air!
Let’s come to ZigBee.This one is positioning itself as a low data rate wireless technology! Which is interesting that other technologies are moving the opposite way.The reason for this is its targeted market-remote monitoring of lighting,heating,air-conditioning,etc of a home,office or industry. For this it needs only a little data rate,but should have an efficient power consumption.No one would like to charge the bateries of a/cs and bulbs!.So it might also end up playing in at least some of the market segments enjoyed by bluetooth.
In essence,Bluetooth is being squeezed by Wireless USB from bottom and ZigBee from the top.May be it should also consider othet market segments,which others have’nt yet considered.

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