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When you rightclick ‘My Computer’ and choose properties, or on the Control Panel click System, there’s your systems’ properties. The first tab you might consider your machines’ id. Underneath the screen might be a picture already, provided by the manufacturer of your machine.So what about hacking it?? Like this……..

Free Image Hosting at [click the image to view in full size]

Interested in trying it in ur system???…okay…but be prepared…

1.Check for a file Oemlogo.bmp on system32 folder
2.If it is there then just edit tht pic,else create a bmb image below 160*160 size and save it in system32 folder with the name Oemlogo.bmp.
3.If the file was there already then there will ben a file named Oeminfo.ini.If not there, create a .txt file there and rename it .The syntax of the file would be

Manufacturer=Your fake company like srijith v
Model=Whatever you call your machine SupportURL=
LocalFile=Path to local html file
Product=Tell us, please!
SubModel=More branding to edit
SerialNo=xxxxxxxxsrijith v yyyyy
OEM1=Srijith V
[Support Information]
Line1=If item is there, and
Line2=at least one line set,
Line3=”Support information button” appears
Line4=and info in the lines appears.
Line6=Use empty lines for a spacebreak,
Line7=as many lines as you’d like,
Line8= …etc

The first two lines, Manufacturer and Model, are displayed on this tab. Actually, you can leave the model line empty; it’s the manufacturer line that is required to display oemlogo.bmp. Anything else is optional, and when an oeminfo.ini is found initially, mostly the [ICW] and [OEMSpecific] sections aren’t even there, neither are the SupportURL/LocalFile lines.

Now i know u may hav some doubts 😉 Well…I know ..You may may have doubts about how to change ……….ok post a comment here…i’ll check time now!!

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