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We’ve seen DVDs replacing CDs,But what next??The next on arena are HD-DVD and Blue-Ray Disc.Both use a blue-laser for read-write instead of the usual red laser in curreb\nt generation DVDs.Blue rays have the shortest wave lenght among the visible spectrem.So it can pack more data within the same space.Both HD-DVD and Blure-Ray DVD use Blue laser ,but they use the technology in two ways.Lets go deep into two of’em
Blue-ray discs are more efficient with using the blue laser and pack at least 25GB per layer,whichcan be increased in multiples of 25 as you add more layers and use both sides of the media.The developers are saying that they could introduce 50GB this year and then by 2007 it will reach 200GB.To achieve this they use a completely new technology and hence it costs lot for mass production….lot means…sony released a 23GB Blue ray drive with SCSI and USB interface and the cost is well above 1.25Lakhs Rs.
HD-DVD on the other hand starts with 15 GB per layer and the capacities wud therefore increase in multiples of 15.Blue_ray is definitly a superio technology.But technology alone wont save a product.Production and marketing costs are also important.But HD-DVD maintains some backward compatability with DVD,so the same production facilities can be used to manufacture its products,meaning lesser production cost ,faster time to market and low cost to products.And there is a rumour that Microsoft will ship its upcoming OS Longhorn on HD-DVDs.But Blue-ray is more activewith more than 70 MNCs suppoting it including giant Sony,Hp,JVC,TDK …So at moment it seems like that inspite of the price ,future is with Blue-Ray.But it will not be a surprise if both technologies co-exists like the DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW formats.

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