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About to start my project


Now its the time for me to think about my future……Its pretty funny how my tastes changes..I had a strong ambition right there from my kgs…But it kept changing…Every time i heard about something cool i wanted to become a pro in that.I once wanted to be a scientist…tht was when i was in my 4th or 5th standard.Actually i dont know how i got into the idea of becoming a...

I was stuck


I was stuck with the work of two sites..So had no time fr blogging:( Nw i’m from linux…Fedora core 3! A gud one … And about the sites..I hav started two forums as i hv told in last post.Of these two & ,the first one seems to be picking up quickly.So I’m planning to shift the techhelpclub to as its subdivision,cz i cudnt...

Xaams Are over! :))))


So atlast a loong vacation..cant say it as a vacation i’m having project from june…But in my hometown itself..:) so its vacation. Now two more sites into my list! and .One on phpBB and other on invision..Seems like invision has got better control over phpBB. But phpBB have some extra skins with them,but using them will make ur forum like a...

Chicken Chips


Do you know what are chips (i mean microchips) made up of?? Silicon?? yeah ..right!But it probably wont be the answer for longIf the things are working according to the plan we ‘ll soon see chips made up of chicken feather! It may sound weird but it’s not.This is how the logic goes: Microchips are wafers made up of silicon ,inscribed with a maze of transisters.The computational power...

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