Chicken Chips


Do you know what are chips (i mean microchips) made up of?? Silicon?? yeah ..right!But it probably wont be the answer for longIf the things are working according to the plan we ‘ll soon see chips made up of chicken feather!
It may sound weird but it’s not.This is how the logic goes: Microchips are wafers made up of silicon ,inscribed with a maze of transisters.The computational power of the chip depends on the speed at which electric signals travels throught the transistors.As compared to chicken feather signals drag with silicon as there is much higher resistance.When tested for speed the feather chip allowed movement at about twice the rate of silicon.Also feather is a sustainable one.Other benefits of using feathers is that it is an environmently friendly solution,it produces lighter composites and gives farmers more income for their waste products.But we have to wait long for these chips to be here in market.But the hope is there as the chip giant Intel had shown interest in the idea.So lets wait and watch while they fry chicken chips!

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By srijithv

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