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I was stuck with the work of two sites..So had no time fr blogging:( Nw i’m from linux…Fedora core 3! A gud one …
And about the sites..I hav started two forums as i hv told in last post.Of these two trivandrum.tk & Techhelpclub.tk ,the first one seems to be picking up quickly.So I’m planning to shift the techhelpclub to trivandrum.tk as its subdivision,cz i cudnt maintain the two at the same time.As trivandrum.tk is much general on its topic it cud easily get subscribers:)

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  • Hey Srijith.v!
    Love the blog. Just check your spelling and grammer and stuff 🙂

    ANyway, Fedora Core 3 is like the BEST Linux os thing out there. And with the X window system! Plus a hundred apps to boot!

    Also like your new flash webpage thing. That looks excellent. Problem is, it looks like one you got from a flash template store 🙁 ….
    You should build your own flash, using Macromedia Flash (costs a heckload of cash though). I have it.

    Well, have a good day!

    Visit the blog:
    Please comment and get an account 🙂

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