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Now its the time for me to think about my future……Its pretty funny how my tastes changes..I had a strong ambition right there from my kgs…But it kept changing…Every time i heard about something cool i wanted to become a pro in that.I once wanted to be a scientist…tht was when i was in my 4th or 5th standard.Actually i dont know how i got into the idea of becoming a scientist.I was not a studious , bright kid . An average…to be honest a below average student.But some how the idea of becoming a scientist kept growing within me.When i was in 6th or 7th grade some teacher asked every one what they have to become in future.On my turn i said “Scientist”. I think the teacher was a bit confused with my tone and she asked me which branch do i want to SPESIALIZE in.That was the time i redesigned my thoughts for he first time.I found so many branches in science and but couldn’t find one that was suiting me.At last i got one!! A ROCKET SCIENTIST!!! wreeewww!! I read some where that rocket science was very complex and only best in best could create a future in that field.Well…I’m best in best..So why shouldnt i turn to rocket science??? 😉 From that moment i wanted to become a rocket scientist.Later when my uncle working as a scientist in kalpakam nuclear reactor told me about the advanced facilities and MI2 style security features there,i shifted my future from rockets to nuclear physics.But during highschool it again changed.On my 9th std our computer miss scolded me for a bad bad performance in the term exams.”huh..? u ppl never takes my subject seriously….Cz its not counted to ur pass marks …..or fro the rank,,huh? But du u knw that the future is in computer science?? You cud do nothing if u donn know any thng ab’t computers…”But I was used to these stuffs . But one word from her mouth ..future is in computer science..That turned my future…yea,The future is in computers..So what would i do with a rocket science or nuclear science if i dont know computers?? And that was the final shift in my ambition.I decided to become a computer proffesional and first it was biased to hardware field.But now towards software field.And here i am ,after 3 years of DEDICATED software engineering course i am confused again with my project.What to do ? which platform? COuld i do it on my own? or shall i steal some others report? Linux or windows? .NET or J2EE?? research work or aplication development? Still i hav no idea of what to du.I have decided to do application development and to take .NET as the platform.Now what? Which topic? an existing one? Or dig out a new idea? confuuused!! Well…. may be i need some rest.And after that i need to calm down and have to concentrate into myself.

And to add to the stress i have joined some courses for these six months.
A .NET course, J2EE @ NIIT and flash @ Arena Multimedia. So six months of hard work !!But i need to do that….for my sweet old dream of becoming a computer proffessional 😉

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