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In the first such move that we’ve heard of,Sweden’s parliament has passed a law that will make it illegal to download copyrighted materials from the internet,effectively from july 1.The law also otlaws technology and software used to circumvent copyprotections on copyrighted materials,including Music,Movies,and Games.
It happens that Sweden has been plagued by one of the highest rates of piracy in the world.Until now it was only prohibited to make copyrighted materials available for others to download,While it was legal to download it yourself.The scope of new law doesnt end there;it also makes it illegal to copy an entire book in a xerox.
So how will be the law affecting the people??Also they implied an extra tax on recordable CDs and DVDs,there by discouraging the usage of writable medias.Consumers will have to pay an extra tax of 1.75 kronor(RS 10) for a 700mb disk.Also ,the prize of a 5 GB DVD is expected to rise from 10 kronor(Rs 60) to 30 Kronor(Rs 180)..[ well….this is the first time i ever heard of anysuch thing!!!! Buying a DVD in India is lot cheaper than doing it at Sweden…]
And moreover..ahem..i used to download stuffs from a notorious sweden site Pirate bay. Its almost the biggest torrent database in net.So now i fear whether it get closed or not..Till now its all good news..The site is live and active… 😀

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By srijithv

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