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What Is Cell Phone Cloning Fraud?


Every cell phone is supposed to have a unique factory-set electronic serial number (ESN) and telephone number (MIN). A cloned cell phone is one that has been reprogrammed to transmit the ESN and MIN belonging to another (legitimate) cell phone. Unscrupulous people can obtain valid ESN/MIN combinations by illegally monitoring the radio wave transmissions from the cell phones of legitimate...

Cell Phone Tapping


Cell phones have become omnipresent ; no one even spares another glance at someone hurrying along the sidewalk and seems to be talking to his own self. Of course he is using the handsfree and chatting to his contact who may be on the other side of the globe for all we care. Considering that we use a cell phone even in the presence of a land line now that call rates are mostly on par, perhaps we...

IPOD Killers!


There is an underground buzz that has been going around in the music industry of late. iPods and Mp3 players, even Discmans are running around scared. Cellphones have turned assassins and are ruthlessly gobbling up the market share of all of these players. Seriously though, cell phones keep getting smarter all the time. Already people who used to carry around two devices like a handheld (PDA) and...

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