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We,humanbeings are addictive to everything. I become frustrated if i hook off from net for a day.Deep in my mind i’l be counting number of mails in my inbox,offline messages from friends,games which i would’ve missed…Thats me! And this frreky boy plans to become im-mobile for a day! My prepaid validity expired on 19th october(yesterday!!) and still( 1 50 pm ,2oth oct) i remain banned from airtel Network!!! So loooong..lemme explain my day!

2oth Oct:

12 : 50 AM–> i switched off my mobile..took the battery out and went to bed

9 :30 AM—> got up from bed and checked time!! WTF????? hmm.. i have a class @ 10 am and..hmm… i missed my morning alarm! (Again i use my phone as my alarm clock :D)

9:45 AM—> i want to call jithin to let him know that i’l be a little late for the class.agin… i donno his cell number.Who would remember those numbers!! i still remember his landline number even though i havnt dialled it for a while.But
i used to use it way before i got my cell. Gud old memoriess..Hm.. Now i have to switchon my cell.But still i dont want to get any incoming calls or messages.So i used another expired sim card , wrote down his number and called him from landline.Well,…a relief now! i switched off the cell again and planned to watcha movie on my system…

12:15 PM—> I’m isolated !!! i donno where my friends are,..They dont know whre i’am.bored!!!! I want to contact arjun! Again i switched on my cell,wrote down all my friends numbers and switched it of again.First i called arjun. Engaged!!! Seems like his sim validity is over… **** !! Baad baad day!

1:00 PM—-> Last hope! I called karthik! tried to prank him ! but failed! 😀 ( i told u having a bad day!)fixed up a plan and now i ‘m about to go out !

2:09 PM —-> Still Idle! 😀 leaving home now ….

2 : 30 PM –> i reached karthik’s place. Relieeeeef!! Arjun and deepan soon reached there

4:50 PM –> as usual went to museum! Completely hooked off from the world.. i hav no contacts with other frends till now!…not even to my girl friend.. I tried to cal from a booth…again!! Switched off!!! having a baad baad day!

6:00PM–> I need to go to subith’s place! but donno whether he is there or way to i know..i cant live with out my cell!need to recharge it! but its too late :(. i have o cash! :(( i begged my dad for his cell..after a looong looong loong wrangling , i proved him that its parents duty to giv enuf fund for replenishing prepaid accounts.So being a culprit,by not giving enuf cash in time
he surrendered his BSNL sim…with laaats of balance! 😀 ….so i’m mobile again!

11:40 AM–> I realised that ,once u get used with something….something that seems too silly in the begining…just like we looked mobile phones once, it get attached to our life style,our habits…it become a part of our routine..if u can try to switch off ur cell phones for a single day!

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