ArchiveNovember 2005

best for you!


Every Night, in my deep deep dream
a lover will come my way
to hold her in my arms
she’ve got something to say
Every time i look into your EYes
i see it there, your lOve for me
so whY!! so wHY youa’ hiding it from me
you know am the best for you!

MSN – Yahoo Bhai Bhai!


Yes! Its not just a rumour.Microsoft (MSN) and Yahoo! messenger announced that thier respective IM services would be interOperbale from mid-2006.This means you will now be able to add your msn buddies into yahoo and vice-versa and also chat ,send enmoticons and view their online status. However ,before you start popping open bottles,you should know that all this has been promised earlier by both...

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