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Addicted to K750!


I once wrote here about my mobile dreams. I said i am a samsung fan.Then my dream was to get a cool new samsung model( SGH-I300 ).But I couldnt find one in our **** market.I realized that such a phone cant find a market in India.Who will buy a phone with a 3gb harddisk?? .But that was on march!A few months after i got my K500i from Sony Ericsson – the company i preffered next to samsung.It...

Windows Tweak: Hide Drives


Ever wish you could make one of your computer’s drives invisible to anyone snooping around on your system? Well, happy days are here my friend! Whether you have sensitive docs, pictures, or any other private data, this is one of the easiest ways to keep them safe. Keep in mind that you’ll still be able to access your hidden drives; you just won’t see that they exist in Windows...

Two ways to Download from Rapidshare without any LIMIT


Two ways to Download from Rapidshare without any LIMIT!I’m gonna tell u TWO working, absolutely free ways to download from Rapidshare without any LIMIT for FREE! Here is the 1st way… paste the rapidshare download link and click Surf anonymously.Now wasn’t that simple?!! Here’s the second way…- Make sure that Javascript and Active Scripting are disabled in your...

How To Stop The Trial Period Of The Appz!


Found a very cool appz.its name is No-limit and its job is to stop the trial period of an application.NoLimit is a datefaker !For example:We are the 1st August, and you have just download a cool shareware…At the 31th August, you launch your cool shareware and a nasty nagscreen inform you that you cannot use this prog now because the30 days limit is passed…bad news…The first...

I got Tagged!


I was checking technorati and i found i got tagged by someone.I followed the link and reached Sreeram’s world. Thank you sreeram. I have heard of this tagging thing before.But never thought it was such a painy job ! I was having exams and sooooooooooo busy with books! 😛 Now its time for that 7 things! ehh… i think they should have choosed 2 or 3 things instead of this 7 things! Any...



Now i am busy! Really busy! Exams….Project submission.. Sites( started 3 of them : , , and and i have to experiment with my new K750. So I AM BUSY! But now am down with fever and so all my shedules were changed.No books !no project! i need to relax.And i need to kick off those sites.Its still in development stage. TvMLiFe is a general...

Some times Floods are a boon!


I always dreamed of me being a student in kerala university-for their blessed life with strikes and all..exams getting postponed due to strikes..harthals…For my stupid fate i became an unlucky student of Anna University.They are loyal to their job.Till today , after completing almost 4 years in anna university i was never allowed to enjoy the harthal pleasure.Kerala students should thank...

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