Some times Floods are a boon!


I always dreamed of me being a student in kerala university-for their blessed life with strikes and all..exams getting postponed due to strikes..harthals…For my stupid fate i became an unlucky student of Anna University.They are loyal to their job.Till today , after completing almost 4 years in anna university i was never allowed to enjoy the harthal pleasure.Kerala students should thank politically volatile keralites for their response to every single harthals and strikes.They call out for a strike even for a simple reason like a fight between bus conductor and a student! I dont understand how the local people is connected with the incident.Any way the whole city inhibitants get a chance for another not-so-well-waited holiday.You people are really blessed!
But this time lucky angel crossed the border and reached us! Our exams get postponed one after another.Not because of any strikes..Not because of harthals…No ministers died..Exam question papers didnt get leaked out…No one claimed a case in court against COE…then? Its because of floods! yea …It rained like hell for two weeks and whole of tamil nadu was flooded..21 districts got drowned.Chennai city literally started boat services..Remote areas got disconnected from the outside world…Helicopters were issued with food packets and medicine.Anna University campus was flooded…Hostlers were shifted to first floor…Military was introduced for rescue acts..and even in its southern end..even in our lil kumaracoil we got a heavy rain ..with fields and ponds over flowing over roads.And what..Exams were postponed.Not once..It kept going on like that for two weeks..Postponed exams got postponed again..and again..and even univ people got confused with the dates..Some exams were postponed to sundays!! Finally…a revised timetable is out now! exams from 15th december to 31st december!! exams on 24th and 31st!!!! how the hell?? So how we are supposed to enjoy our christmas and new year? Last time it was tsunami and now its floods..But actually i wanted this changes in shedule 😀 I was not prepared for the exams..And i wanted to clear those ****ing arriers…So ..i think its my lucky fate! some times floods are a boon!!…….

PS: Not intended to wound hearts of millions who are suffering from floods.I feel sorry for them.

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By srijithv

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