Now i am busy! Really busy! Exams….Project submission.. Sites( started 3 of them : www.indiaNgamerZ.com , www.MailManNeo.com , and www.TvMLiFe.com) and i have to experiment with my new K750. So I AM BUSY!
But now am down with fever and so all my shedules were changed.No books !no project! i need to relax.And i need to kick off those sites.Its still in development stage. TvMLiFe is a general discussion board for trivandrumites.I started it as Trivandrum.tk and now presented it a much awaited domain. MailManNeo is a site which have a large collection of email forwards.I already run one yahoo group Mailmanneo (You can use the regestration box at the side panel of this page to join my email forwarding group) and now i am archiving all cool emails.The work is going on on that site. The next one is indiaNgamerZ . I have much hope in this one.Its a gaming forum where gamers from all over india is expected to join and share resources.

And one more thing.I got tagged by someone.And i have to response.But no time now.Sorry sreeram.But i” do it today itself! And thanks for tagging me!

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