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I was checking technorati and i found i got tagged by someone.I followed the link and reached Sreeram’s world. Thank you sreeram. I have heard of this tagging thing before.But never thought it was such a painy job ! I was having exams and sooooooooooo busy with books! 😛 Now its time for that 7 things! ehh… i think they should have choosed 2 or 3 things instead of this 7 things! Any way here it goes.

Seven things I plan to do before I die:

1.Make a trip to mauritius with my 😉
2.To be an owner of a site with 10000000+ viewers/day !
3.Write an autobiagraphy! 😀 let them learn what life is. 😛
4.To see a pic snapped by me on national geographic magazine
5.To invent an alternative for monitor.(Ahh…my eyes..i cant stare more!)
6.To code a program which can hack into Google servers and delete all urls except mine! 😀
7.To Find the one who started this tagging chain . :-w

now.. Seven things I can do
1.Waste time 😀
2.Spend 24 hours before my system
3.Make friends in no time
4.I can argue with any one with out any solid stand.. i think thats my ++
5.I can play perfect pranks on my friends. 😀
6.Spend lots of time reading tech books.
7.I can multitask 😀 (Play a game on my pc,Talk to some one on phone, eat snacks,sms someone else from another cell…all at same time ) 😀

Seven Things I can’t do
1.I cant live with out X
2.I cant talk to someone for a long time (except one girl):P
3.I cant woke up before 8 AM 😀
4.I cant read/write tamil even after spending 4 years in tamilnadu 😀
5.I cant read books related to my study
6.I cant accept my mistakes
7.I cant find any more points to fill up this space .. :-w

Seven Things that attract me to the opposite sex


3.Big smile 😛
4.Humour sense

Seven Things I say most

1.Mandan ( fool)
4.hello… ( i call over phone 10~30 times a day and i recieve almost same number of callss.. so Hello( or a varient used by me ( hala ! ) should be one of the most used
words by me

5.” 😛 ” i type it more …but often i try to imitate that smiley in real life 😀

Seven Celebrity Crushes

3.Catherine Zeta Jones
4.Manju warrier
5.Gwen Stefani
7.Salma Hayek

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof…… Nope 7 is not enough! 😀

Now the seven unlucky bloggers that i should tag are…

1. Vids

3.Bleak Hawk

7.i cudnt find any more…[tired]

thats all……

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