Found a very cool appz.its name is No-limit and its job is to stop the trial period of an application.NoLimit is a datefaker !For example:We are the 1st August, and you have just download a cool shareware…At the 31th August, you launch your cool shareware and a nasty nagscreen inform you that you cannot use this prog now because the30 days limit is passed…bad news…The first reflex is to find a crack on internet…Bad luck this time, you haven’t find any crack for this shareware (What can you do ??!Here it is ! NoLimit can help you !So, you launch NoLimit..-First, you must select the main Executable of your cool shareware.-Secondly, you have to enter a date before the date of expiration…So, we are on 31th August…From the 1st to the 30 August, you have used the shareware with noproblemo…So, enter a date between the 1st and the 30 August…”15/08/1999″ for example…-Quit NoLimit…Then, a little launcher has been created by NoLimit in hisinstallation directory…Launch it !”It’s a kind of magic !”Now, you can use your coolshareware by executing this launcher…You can create a new shorcut to it, you can move it to anotherdirectory…BUT NEVER RENAME IT OR IT WILL NOT RUN PROPERLY !!

To download go here