Two ways to Download from Rapidshare without any LIMIT


Two ways to Download from Rapidshare without any LIMIT!I’m gonna tell u TWO working, absolutely free ways to download from Rapidshare without any LIMIT for FREE!
Here is the 1st way… paste the rapidshare download link and click Surf anonymously.Now wasn’t that simple?!!
Here’s the second way…- Make sure that Javascript and Active Scripting are disabled in your Browser- Go to RapidShare link- Click Free- Right click, View Source- Search for %68%74%74%70%3A%2F%2F- Copy everything from right after that to the end of the encoded string (the %22)- Put http:// in front of it and that’s your direct-download-link.More suitable to implementation as a script rather than manually…Was it difficult…I don’t think so!So tell me ur opinions 😛

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