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I once wrote here about my mobile dreams. I said i am a samsung fan.Then my dream was to get a cool new samsung model( SGH-I300 ).But I couldnt find one in our **** market.I realized that such a phone cant find a market in India.Who will buy a phone with a 3gb harddisk?? .But that was on march!A few months after i got my K500i from Sony Ericsson

– the company i preffered next to samsung.It was a cool phone.And i was pretty happy with it.Read my review about k500i here.But still deep in my mind i had a strong desire of having a top end phone.But samsung is not marketing there top end phones in india.And i dont know any one in korea! 🙁 .
Then i saw k750i and i was pretty much impressed with its looks.Cool and it had a proffessional look.Not much funky,sleek and had smooth curves.( And that was what i loved most on my E700) .It had a memory expansion slot( which i missed badly on my k500) , a 2MP camera with Autofocus and Macro Mode(Which I luv most in digi Cams).

A crystal clear screen with 256K color.Every thing else is as same in k500(mp3,video,40 polyphonic,….which has become a standard even in low end phones) .So now am a Sonyericsson Fan 😀 .And i lov my new gadget..And ask me whats my fav passion? yea..Photography!!!

Check some of my snaps with k750

ok..Thats enough to show the camera quality..:P now i hav to go ….Will come back with a complete review of k750…Bye all..

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By srijithv

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