I wrote this entry once and forgot to save it.So it comes again…

I thought I’d bring some motorcycle safety tips to your attention while they are heavy on my mind.New year was going fine for us.Last saturday we went to the “Geared” motor show conducted by CET students.For our surprise we found Jinann there.We all admire him as the bike guru.A proffessional bike rider who is the current Indian moto champion.He showed us some stunts on a Honda Unicorn given by the Honda dealers.Thats the beginning.We all were on our toes and wanted to do something to grab some attention.Only thing we had was Rajesh’s moded pulser.Not much done with that bike – just some tweaks to giv it a sporty look.So we sent rajesh to bring he bike.To be frank,its pretty hard to control that bike.The weight balance was not perfect as our body weight transfered directly to the handle bars.And you have to lean ur body to turn it!
And on the next day we again went to the show and spent some time there.One of my friend hav one Jawa 350.We displayed it at vintage setion.By noon we got bored.And with full thrill we all planned for a beach trip.One car and two bikes-Mine and that pulser.But i felt tired to ride and as it was raining ,i some how adjusted into the car.So one car and one bike.Arjun and Rajesh were on pulser.Arjun has a very nice(??) history in accidents.He was riding the bike and rajesh was the pillion rider.Just as we entered the new Chakkai- Airport road arjun opened up the throttle and started to push up his speed.There was one tight corner with medians just before the Chakka fire station.Our car was a bit over the limit and went out of control for a second.Shocked but relieved,we tried to pass the info of slippery road to our bike riders.There was one more car in front of us.Arjun tried to overtake them and as i said that bike is hard to control,he leaned towards his left to complete the overtaking action.But the rear tire slipped and it went out of control.I still remmebr that scene.The bike lost its control and it tumbled 2~3 times.Arjun and Rajesh rolled along the road and stopped.I was just shocked and was inactive for a moment.Then i realized that the car has stopped.I rushed towards arjun and he was bleeding heavily.”Enne rakshikkuu..” (Save me!) That was his words.By that time others reached and somehow “put” arjun inside and rushed to hospital.Me , rajesh and Abhishek was left there with the bike.Rajesh had very little injuries.Just some scratches.But he lost his mind seeing arjun.Abhishek went with the bike to his friends place to keep it there.We dont want cops in this story :D. Rajesh by this time was completely out of mind . He cried saying that he cant see anything. its me who lost my mind.I asked him whether he can see me.He said NO!.I was confused.Some one in the crowd helped us and gave some water to him.For gods sake it was just a bloodrush that caused the blackout.Later he was also brought to hospital.It was the govt.General Hospital. They showed a rude mentality to us.We had to call the doctor 4~5 times just to dress up the wounds!! And he did it well!! 2 stitches without cleaning the wound.We then took arjun to another private hospital and they cleaned the wound and put 8 stitches! Now i never want to go to govt.hospitals.

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By srijithv

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