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This i s my first post after i shifted my pc to our rented home..I suffer a lot due to the lack of a perfect broadband connection.(Lov u ADL!) I use a Gprs connection now(Airtel Mobile Office) .It costs 250/month for an unlimited connection and speeds are pathetic of max 40kbps on a class 10 Gprs enabled phone (Sony Ericsson k750) .Now one option ahead for me is to opt for a broadband plan form airtel.They provide a very pleasing tariffs for their broadband plans when compared to ADL.

You can see that there is one 256kbps unlimited plan for 900 rs/month.That seems to be a perfect one for me.(Who else wil giv an unlimited plan for 256kbps!!!) .But the problem is i donno how much they will make me pay for installation and for the modem.Checking their site i found that they giv modem for rent.(99/199—> wat do they mean by it??) And its dsl connection.So i think they may have to dig up the roads for a line , which i dont feel very pleasing as my house owner may want me to pay for ruining his premises! 🙁 . And i dont know whether thier service is available in some what rural place like thukkala! . I have sent a mail to them asking it , so all i have to do now is to wait ..wait and wait till they sent me a reply.How did i miss it when i was in tvm?? it looks cool compared to adl! So ADL users please check it up and get one for u.I think its way better than adl .

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  • Hi! Great information. Here I read these details about airtel broadband. I’m also using airtel broadband connection in Chandigarh. Time to time airtel launches new schemes and offers. I always check updates about Airtel broadband plans and prices because it is always kept up to date

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