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Airtel BroadBand was my last hope for getting a better net conection.But now , :((. I called their Area Manger for Nagercoil and asked whether the service is available.Ok..let me give u an idea of how he gave hope and ruined it later.

Me : “Hello! ”
AM: “Hello! i am >>”
Me: ” I got your number from a local airtel dealer and i mailed you yesterday..Can you help me on your broad band service? Is it available in NagerCoil ??”

AM: ” You have a postpaid or prepaid connection?”
ME:*Confused* “Err..I mean the Broadband service ….Airtel Broadband ”
AM: “Ohh….the DSL service??”
ME:*Sigh* ” Yea..the DSL one! I need to know whether you provide that service here in Nagercoil”
AM: “Hmm..Are you sure you are talking about the Internet connection? Its not a cell connection.Its for accessing net”

****He thought i was a noob??? Or did i sound like one?? HELL!!!****

ME: “Yea .I know it Sir! I am talking about the internet Service.I just want to know the details.”

AM: “OK! look you dont need to have a cell for using this connection.We will giv you a modem which will help you…..”
ME: ” ooh..i know it sir..whether its available in Nagercoil??”

AM: ” Yes ..it is available in Nagercoil!”

ME: “Thank you sir!”
AM: ” Ok…You know about the plans?We have a list of options for you…If you are a basic user you can choo…..”
***Thrilled and excited..I cant wait for registering it..***
ME: ” I got it from your site sir..Now where should i register for a connection ?”
AM: ” Ohh..good..Well you can register at…..wait a sec …. Call Held>>…….Back on Line>> …hello..You can pick one application from our Airtel Office at Nagercoil and register there..”

ME: ” Thank you Sir…By the way do you have any other office??”
*** i have some personal problems with Nagercoil office 😀 …No…. No..not That one dude!! Wrong Guess!!****

ME: ” Any one near Thukkala?”

AM: ” No…ooh you are from thukkala?”
ME: ” No from trivandrum.Now studying here at thukkala…”
AM: ” Oh..ok..I have my sister in Thukkala ”
ME: ” oh..thats nice…”
AM: ” And you want Airtel Broadband in Thukkala?”
ME: ” Yea!! Ofcourse !!! I stay here”
AM: ” Oh.sorry man..We cant provide connection to thukkala”
ME:”WHY???” ***Confused ****
AM: ” Due to feasibilty issues…We have orders that we should only cover places that are within 10kms from our base station”

***Loaded Beggar Mode *****

ME:” But thukkala is only 13 kms away..can you please help me?”
AM: ” Sorry …I cant..”
ME: ” But sir…”
AM: ” We cannot cover your area..We dont have infrastructure for that”
ME: ” I dont have any other option sir….No other ISPs have such nice plans”
AM: ” sorry…I cant help you!”
ME: ” Are you sure sir?”
AM: ” Sorry … You can use our gprs service!”
ME: ” Ok…But..”
AM: ” You just need to have a GPRS enabled phone and one airtel connection.You can buy one GPRS phone for around 7000 RS.And you need one datacable or infrared to get connected to pc.Then activate Gprs on your Sim card by sending a sms “AirtelLi…..”
ME: “Thats what i am using now.I mailed you from a Gprs connection.But it…” ***Some how i avoided the un ethical useage of S word ***
AM: ” Oh well…Thats nice..Ok ..It would be enough for a student like you.”
ME: ” Thats not nice sir ..the speed is worst!! Any way thank you sir..” *** Fed up!!! Now i want to wind up the conversation****
AM: ” Ok..Thank you for calling..Have a nice day with Airtel!.. ”

🙁 that was a real miss!! now i am sure that i’l be stuck with this ****ing GPRS connection for 1 year…..Well done airtel!!! I think 3kms difference is not something that will cause them a loss…Atleast we have 200+ students here and every one should opt for this one as its cheap and reliable.So that 3 km wasnt a good excuse! Any way he is just an area Manager.Poor chap!! He should obey his superiors. I recorded the conversation just to save the address he may tell.But now i played it and wrote this blog…And it was really funny to hear his English.Genuine Tamilian accent.

So once again…one more blog from my Gprs connection.Blogging over a Gprs connection is
really a nice test to check your mental stamina.
Type the address ..hit enter ..go and have a tea…type in username and password….go and finish your snacks…select the desired blog….if you can get one more cup of tea…come back click create post….change your dress and prepare for an outing…Type in the Blog entry and click post….call up your friends…Come back and click republish the blog to publish the matter….dress up….bang your head on monitor when you see conection lost error!
This is what my life goes on now…so..dont be panic if u cant see me online often! I am not dead…I am still alive….here in my room….. bangin my head on my monitor.. :((

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  • AirTel Broadband uses a DSL modem, and ADSL has a limitation for serving only upto 3 kms from a DSLAM peer. Maybe they have multiple peers in Nagercoil, so that could be why he had mentioned 10 kms “in and around” Nagercoil. But still, I don’t think it would be available even after Parvathipuram. I’m even surprised that AirTel Broadband is available in Nagercoil, as it still hasn’t reached Tirunelveli yet. Infact the website lists only upto Madurai. In Kerala, its available now only in Ernakulam. Anyway, I’m more than happy with my TATA Indicom Broadband (Infinity 265 plan) in Trivandrum (note that its available now only within 3 sq. kms. from Statue junction.. I guess they have a couple more DSLAM peers in Trivandrum now), which has similar plans and is rock solid and more stable than Asianet DataLine ! 🙂

  • hmm..I was also wondered when i heard its available in nagercoil. And are you sure they have a 3 km Limit? 🙁 He said 10..I dont think they would ever invest that much to install multiple peers in a place like Nagercoil.. U said 3 kms limit to ADSL. But airtel is DSL…

  • AirTel also uses Assymetric DSL. Infact AirTel, BSNL, TATA Indicom, Reliance BroadNet, etc. all use ADSL technology only. ADSL is the preferred choice all over the world for normal broadband connections. Other xDSL variants like HDSL is a better and option, but is new and will take more time to get implemented. A DSL Access Multiplexer may support more than 3 kilometers, but the speed would decrease as the distance between the Modem and the DSLAM peer increases. Now this distance can vary upon the capacity of the DSLAM peer device and I have heard upto 10 kilometers possible. At 6.144 Mbps it is possible to achieve the range of about 3 kilometers, which is the normal capaciy of a DSLAM peer. The general ‘rule’ is, that your location has to be within 3.5 to 5.5 kilometers.

  • ohh.. But in their site they mention it as DSL..not ADSL.thats the confusion..And i have read some where that ADSL can support upto 20kms with 512kbps.. hmm..anyway..i droped that plan.. The question now is why airtel didnt implement Broadband service in TVM while its here in Nagercoil.. :X

  • hmmm, I’m not very sure about the availability in Nagercoil. I hope you can get me the Customer Service number of AirTel in Nagercoil ? They haven’t started yet in Tirunelveli.
    Well, Trivandrum has Asianet DataLine (they have reduced the tariff now), TATA Indicom Broadband (simply rockz) and BSNL DataOne (crap CC only), so I guess there isn’t much of a rush for AirTel to start their services in Trivandrum.

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