Finally i am a freelancer!!


I always hated theory classes.After being online for the whole night who can enjoy theory classes?I get scolded by teachers for keeping my eyes closed during the class 😀 And i had this question in mind always…Why should i waste my time by being online and skipping classes..Now..i have the answer..From tonight i wont waste my time! but will be earning $$ for coding ..Yea..I am a freelance coder now.I get decent pays for my work..And the most important thing is I learn while working..Now i get chance to experiment more with my logics, i get chance to know more about proffesional programming., about working for money,and about working with a time schedule…I am sure that if i work 2~3 hours a day i can earn much more than a corporate employee who have to work 8~10 hours … Some one asked me – whether i’l be able to keep it coming to stabilize my future life..I dont have an answer now.But…as for now i am going to be like this..classes during day time and freelance work on night…Atleast i’l get enough cash to enjoy my college life to its mAX!!

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By srijithv

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