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Month: March 2006

Yahoo Mail Beta review

Today,when i signed on to yahoo mail , there was a surprise for me.. It carried me to a well layed out screen asking for confirmation on trying Yahoo Beta Mail service.!! WOW!! Atlast they selected me for a trial.   Yahoo mail beta was launced on last agust or something and i enrolled for a beta testing on december, after their second beta release.And it took’em 3 months to approve me!! 😛 Any way, I’m in now. So its my 3rd beta testing in a week after Yahoo messenger 7.5 Beta and Internet Explorer 7 Beta. Yahoo Mail Beta has a Gmail like AJAX interface now.That is it preloads everything including your mails,and when you click on the mail from inbox, it shows the content in a tab with out blocking inbox view.Its just like using Outbox. It has a new way to add RSS feeds into your mail folder. For me, it’s nothing shocking. I already pull RSS feeds into Outlook folders and read them in exactly this way. But it’s nice for those who want this feature in a web-based email system.By default, if you click the Add button next to your All RSS Feeds folder, a window pops-up where you’re offered to enter feeds from places like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal,, Salon, Digital Photography Review and — of course —...

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Internet explorer 7 – beta Review

Microsoft has released a second beta version of IE7 which includes new features like the long awaited tabbed browsing.It supports RSS feed with enclosure unlike IE6 that only displayed the text in an RSS feed.I usually use FireFox as i am fedup with IE6.But now, i wanted to try IE7 with tabbed browsing(the part i like most in FireFox) . I installed the browser and then it asks for a check on “Genuine Window”. I was using a PIRATED copy and it confirmed my version as a GENUINE ONE!! 😀 After a restart IE7 was ready for a try. First i opened Google and a nice looking pop up asked me for setting google as the default search engine for IE. Well, i downloaded the file(13.5 kb) and installed google engine . Another option in IE7 is to check for Phishing sites.We can turn it on or off..If its on, every address is checked with microsoft Phishing DataBase. When i checked IE7 with my own site ( the site was rendered shortly after chekin with microsoft phishing DataBase.It takes a little bit time to check with DB.. Check that indication(marked in red) for phishing check.It takes a bit extra time for this check,and so i turned it off. IE7 support multi tabbed browsing.Unlike in firefox there is a small button next to the latest tab for opening a new...

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Google calendar and Google office Suite!

Gotta love this. Two juicy Google-related pieces * Via Paul Stamatiou, TechCrunch is carrying screenshots of the new Google Calendar application, provisionally known as CL2. * Now, Google have bought Writely, the web-based word processor. Shrewd move, Writely is a very popular Web 2.0 app. Nothing I’d like more than to log on to it with my Google account details. Now, is it just me, or does this lend serious weight to the argument that Google is planning it’s own OS? Let’s face it, with Gmail, a calender application and now a word processor, all they need now is a spreadsheet program and something to manage tasks and that’s Microsoft Office effectively replaced. And guess what, interoperability issues (in documents) would fly out the window, because everyone would be using (X)HTML. And platform would be irrelevant, because it runs via your browser! Of course, you’d be completely screwed if you ever lost your Internet connection….. I’m not going to go down the “Microsoft should be quaking in their boots” route, but since Office is a bread and butter product for Microsoft, an essentially free alternative via the web is an attractive proposition. It might also be attractive to those millions out there currently using hacked versions of...

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Yahoo Messenger 7.5 Beta Direct Download

So here is your yahoo messenger 7.5 Beta Direct download link. It comes with a superb feature(Not so good for indians 🙁 ) Pc – to – phone low rates (here again Not for indians).Some key features in new yahoo 7.5 beta are :- Make PC-to-Phone calls(at ridiculously low rates). Start using your computer to “Phone Out” to regular phones and mobile phones. You’ll love the convenience and sound quality. PC-to-phone calls to the U.S. and over 30 countries for 2¢ a minute or less. Give your PC its very own phone number. While sitting comfortably at your computer, let friends “Phone In” using regular and mobile phones. For under $2.50 per month, choose a phone number in a variety of area codes and countries around the world. Plus while you’re on the road, your telephone number stays the same. Making calls and sending IMs has never been simpler. The new Yahoo! Messenger with Voice has made it even easier to connect with friends. With the Contact Search Bar, just start typing a name or number from your Yahoo! Address Book and we’ll finish up. Now take look at these tariff rates …. Destination Rate/minute France, Mobile $0.150 India $0.120 India, Ahmadabad $0.120 India, Andhra Pradesh $0.120 India, Bangalore $0.099 India, Bombay $0.099 India, Hyderabad $0.099 India, Madras $0.099 India, Mobile $0.120 India, New Delhi $0.120 India, Punjab...

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Google Adsense Trick to avoid Cancellation

If you are testing your new website layout or tweaking something , you might be reloading your website pages again-n-again. And if these pages contain Google Ads, each time your reload your page, you make a request to Google Ads Server for a new set of ads. Certainly Google is unaware that you are testing your website and it might even penalize your account for “click-fraud” since the IP requesting ads remains same.And if in the worst-case scenario, you might accidently click on your own ads. And these extra “ad impressions” will also chance your CTR data.Thats exactly what happened to my adsense account and now it got cancelled.And I was forced to use chitika.Now if you have and adsense account and you earning from it,Never ever try any fraud tricks to get more money.Once your account get cancelled ,its really really hard to get a new one.Even if you change your webpage url and email id.More over i think google guys are now more strict in approving adsense registration requests. One simple way to avoid this serious problem is to remove the Adsense code altogether from your page before testing. But this may not be the best solution as your Google Ads are an important part of your layout. So here are a few simple but effective workarounds: 1. Instead of using Adsense code, add a static graphic...

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