Again!! Another one… A for Accident for me now!


A for accident for me now..had another one today afternoon. Even though it wasn’t serious , it was a complete stupidity!!! I should have avoided it. That rush in our mind, to go fast, to show our abilities – that’s the thing which ends up in accidents…Atleast in my case. Today , it was all my mistake! I rode at around 80 kmph downhill that had a turning with loose gravels right in the middle of the slope!! That’s was not a surprise  for it was the same road that I used to ride 4 times a day up and down. The same bike ! Nothing was special ……..except my mind… I  gave full throttle till the curve. And got perished on the side drain(no noooo..not the kind of drain you see in trivandrum or cochin!! It was neat and clean and dry!! 😀 )  . My lucky co-rider was Moncy .He was shouting for slowing down all the way ..But who cares! Well..i am not writing much about it here..I feel guilty now…so its nEo signing off…!!

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By srijithv

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