Google hacking!


Google is god!! For hackers too..I tried for various combinations for search strings and found this one pretty much interesting..:D

Try this ..

Search for —   “admin account info” filetype:log

on google..  or click here

This search finds log files containing the phrase (Your password is). These files often contain plaintext passwords.You wont find something by which you can crack down yahoo or amazon servers..But it is funny.. Ok..From the search list check this one..

it seems like a chat log I was interested on it as it was on some cs it and you can find some automated messages where it tells about a new username and password..Try it!

Now some more search strings for you..

–> !Host=*.* intext:enc_UserPassword=* ext:pcf

Some people are foolish enough to keep their VPN profiles on the internet It gives you some VPN profiles.If you know how to use a VPN client(Like Cisco VPN client), download the profiles(pcf file) and yea.!! You are in!!

Now the good old CGI scripts..try this search string

–>> “index of cgi-bin”
CGI directories contain scripts which can often be exploited by attackers. Regardless of the vulnerability of such scripts, a directory listing of these scripts can prove helpful.
🙂 happy hacking dudes!

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