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So here is your yahoo messenger 7.5 Beta Direct download link. It comes with a superb feature(Not so good for indians 🙁 ) Pc – to – phone low rates (here again Not for indians).Some key features in new yahoo 7.5 beta are :- Make PC-to-Phone calls(at ridiculously low rates). Start using your computer to “Phone Out” to regular phones and mobile phones. You’ll love the convenience and sound quality. PC-to-phone calls to the U.S. and over 30 countries for 2¢ a minute or less. Give your PC its very own phone number. While sitting comfortably at your computer, let friends “Phone In” using regular and mobile phones. For under $2.50 per month, choose a phone number in a variety of area codes and countries around the world. Plus while you’re on the road, your telephone number stays the same. Making calls and sending IMs has never been simpler. The new Yahoo! Messenger with Voice has made it even easier to connect with friends. With the Contact Search Bar, just start typing a name or number from your Yahoo! Address Book and we’ll finish up. Now take look at these tariff rates ….

Destination Rate/minute

France, Mobile $0.150

India $0.120

India, Ahmadabad $0.120

India, Andhra Pradesh $0.120

India, Bangalore $0.099

India, Bombay $0.099

India, Hyderabad $0.099

India, Madras $0.099

India, Mobile $0.120

India, New Delhi $0.120

India, Punjab $0.120

Japan $0.019

Pakistan $0.190

Pakistan Mobile $0.190

United Arab Emirates $0.190

UK $0.015

UK, London $0.010

UK, Mobile $0.170

USA $0.010

Now compare Indian Prices…We have to pay as much as 5Rs/min for a mobile call..Thats too much !

You can check the complete list @

Now,another good news from yahoo .As said in one of my posts couple of months ago, Yahoo and MSN are going to share their user lists.That is by signing on to yahoo you can see your MSN buddies and vice versa.So, Two global IM communities are connecting each other.It is supposed to roll out by mid 2006.It’s a wonderful bridge that makes staying in touch easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

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