Google calendar and Google office Suite!


Gotta love this. Two juicy Google-related pieces

* Via Paul Stamatiou, TechCrunch is carrying screenshots of the new Google Calendar application, provisionally known as CL2.
* Now, Google have bought Writely, the web-based word processor. Shrewd move, Writely is a very popular Web 2.0 app. Nothing I’d like more than to log on to it with my Google account details.

Now, is it just me, or does this lend serious weight to the argument that Google is planning it’s own OS? Let’s face it, with Gmail, a calender application and now a word processor, all they need now is a spreadsheet program and something to manage tasks and that’s Microsoft Office effectively replaced.

And guess what, interoperability issues (in documents) would fly out the window, because everyone would be using (X)HTML. And platform would be irrelevant, because it runs via your browser! Of course, you’d be completely screwed if you ever lost your Internet connection…..

I’m not going to go down the “Microsoft should be quaking in their boots” route, but since Office is a bread and butter product for Microsoft, an essentially free alternative via the web is an attractive proposition. It might also be attractive to those millions out there currently using hacked versions of Office!

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