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Microsoft has released a second beta version of IE7 which includes new features like the long awaited tabbed browsing.It supports RSS feed with enclosure unlike IE6 that only displayed the text in an RSS feed.I usually use FireFox as i am fedup with IE6.But now, i wanted to try IE7 with tabbed browsing(the part i like most in FireFox) . I installed the browser and then it asks for a check on “Genuine Window”. I was using a PIRATED copy and it confirmed my version as a GENUINE ONE!! 😀 After a restart IE7 was ready for a try.

First i opened Google and a nice looking pop up asked me for setting google as the default search engine for IE. Well, i downloaded the file(13.5 kb) and installed google engine .

Google Search Engine Option in IE7

Another option in IE7 is to check for Phishing sites.We can turn it on or off..If its on, every address is checked with microsoft Phishing DataBase.
When i checked IE7 with my own site ( the site was rendered shortly after chekin with microsoft phishing DataBase.It takes a little bit time to check with DB..

Phishing Test in IE7

Check that indication(marked in red) for phishing check.It takes a bit extra time for this check,and so i turned it off.
IE7 support multi tabbed browsing.Unlike in firefox there is a small button next to the latest tab for opening a new tab.
New Tab Button

I heard from somewhere that IE7 can show previews of tabs when you hover mouse over it..But i cant find such an option in my beta copy. 🙁

Now the stress test.
Even though it uses less memory, opening multiple tabs costs too much cpu power..

Here i opened 4 tabs in a single IE7 window and look at the cpu utilization.I dont know why Explorer.exe is also taking this much cpu power.And now what? usual .. A CRASH!!! Lesson 1: Never test a microsot product for stability!

Another important feature in IE7 is the integrated feed reade..Its pretty good.. 🙂 My server was down at the time of test (PHP rebuild or i cant check it on my i checked it with Duttan ‘s blog )
Feeds on Internet Explorer 7
Clean and simple..I liked it very much..
You also have the advantage of being able to have “multiple” home pages and you can select anyone you want, more or less like a mini favourites.
They have also implemented a nice print preview and you can zoom in and out of any page.Microsoft now has an addon shop for IE7 where you can find lots of pluggins for IE7

Addons on Microsoft Market

IE7 is far far better than IE6 and have much more features than Firefox 2.0 .But its not stable.Final version may fix it up.

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