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Today,when i signed on to yahoo mail , there was a surprise for me.. It carried me to a well layed out screen asking for confirmation on trying Yahoo Beta Mail service.!! WOW!! Atlast they selected me for a trial.

Login window in Yahoo Mail Beta

Main window of yahoo mail beta


Yahoo mail beta was launced on last agust or something and i enrolled for a beta testing on december, after their second beta release.And it took’em 3 months to approve me!! 😛 Any way, I’m in now. So its my 3rd beta testing in a week after Yahoo messenger 7.5 Beta and Internet Explorer 7 Beta.
Yahoo Mail Beta has a Gmail like AJAX interface now.That is it preloads everything including your mails,and when you click on the mail from inbox, it shows the content in a tab with out blocking inbox view.Its just like using Outbox.

Yahoo Mail Beta Inbox view

It has a new way to add RSS feeds into your mail folder. For me, it’s nothing shocking. I already pull RSS feeds into Outlook folders and read them in exactly this way. But it’s nice for those who want this feature in a web-based email system.By default, if you click the Add button next to your All RSS Feeds folder, a window pops-up where you’re offered to enter feeds from places like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal,, Salon, Digital Photography Review and — of course — the 😀 OK, I joke about that last one. We don’t make that cut. But if you want this site or anything not listed, you can paste the feed into the Address box at the bottom of the Add window.

Feeds on Yahoo Mail Beta

What’s very, very nice is that if you already have a My Yahoo account with feeds added, Yahoo Mail automatically lists those feeds within your All RSS Feeds folder. Great foresight on that, Yahoo!.Have multiple feeds? Each feed gets its own subfolder within the All RSS Feeds folder. You can click on a subfolder and read posts just for that feed.

Yahoo Beta Mail features drag-and-drop folder operations, multiple tabs, and more.That is, you can drag a mail from inbox to your spam folder or any other folder.Its simple!

Drag and drop feature in yahoo Mail Beta

And the Multiple tabs.. Tabs as i said in my last post is one of my favorite feature! It adds to the usability.In Yahoo Mail Beta ,you have the tab feature.If you are viewing inbox and suddenly want to compose a message,you can do it without closing inbox.Just click the compose button and a new tab is opened within the yahoo mail interface! Something that i wanted in Gmail.

Combose and inbox - tabbed option in yahoo mail beta


Now, i wanted to test yahoo beta on IE beta.. 🙂 But yahoo beta still doesnt support IE7 .:(

Yahoo Mail Beta on Internet Explorer 7 Beta(IE7 Beta)


So, everything is fine till now,and i found some glitches.Something which can annoy you to the very extend if you are a hardcore mailer like me.

# I can’t view or sort by whether read/unread status.

# I used to be able to attach multiple files in one go … now I have to do it one at a time.

# There used to be an advanced search that allowed me to narrow down results. It seems to be missing.

In the old Yahoo Mail I used to set my items per page setting to the maximum — 200. The page would still load quick and I could scroll through the topmost 200 emails quickly and easily (and use Ctrl-F, like I mentioned above). The new Yahoo Mail doesn’t have “pages”, it’s just one giant page that loads as I scroll. There’s two problems with this: One, the load time is slow so instead of getting 200 at a time like I used to, I get one screen’s worth, and everytime the scroll bar moves just a bit, it reloads. The other is that my inbox has 3000 Messages. This makes the scrollbar very tiny, dragging it just a pixel seems to change the view in an unknown amount. Did I just skip 10 message, or 100? I don’t know. Both of these aspects add up to making it not just difficult, but impossible to visually scan a folder, even when it has as few as 75 emails in it. This
is a huge loss.

It is in no way shape or form, better than gmail except for its tabbed structure. Gmail is a MUCH better online email service. Nothing really compares to gmail as of yet even with yahoo’s new offering..The new yahoo mail beta acts and looks like a computer application, but its code is much slower than Gmail. It may get better in its final release.

So for now, Gmail is the best!

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