Tough time!


Wheeww!! April is finally over! it has been a tough time for me , regarding the bandwidth issues.And first of all i appologize for  “Bandwidth over Limit” message displayed here for last 15 days.Some bots were crawling through my sites and downloading all those little image files …downloaded each file 10000 times or more. Retarded creatures!
I had to remove all jpg/gif files from my server including the page banners and posted images. So if you find any glitches in my site, please report it to me.:) .

Its exam time! I dont know whether i’l write the current semester papers due to attendance issues.Infact i dont want to! Better i should drop this semester and clear all my arriers from 6th semester.:P wierd you may think! But i think its better as i cant clear those papers this sem.And i have campus selections on next sem.Ehh… confused!! Whatever.. let it come!

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By srijithv

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