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2Gb in 20 Hours..


As i said in my  last post, this post is’nt from a ****ing crawling gprs .. Its from my new bsnl here is my bandwidth rates.. But i got very poor speeds after 1 pm .Donno whether its a one-day-problem . Any way..I’m happy.Downloaded around 2 GB in last 20 hours..I dont have to worry about bandwidth fear.. 😀  PS : People who are not from my sweet...

Kudos to Bsnl


Competition will ameliorate you.. Atleast thats the case with BSNL and ADL .. The two most accepted broadband providers in Trivandrum and Cochin.. Just after Bsnl introduced an unlimited Broadband plan(256 kbps UL 900 and UL 900 plus) ADL upgraded their existing unlimited homenet to 256kbps. Both ADL and Bsnl have ramped up their Customer care service and  now you get quick responses to your...

Widgets – Google v/s Yahoo!


PS: For those who are blessed with a mac, this post isnt for u! Its for poor chaps like me who are stuck with a windows…           Even though I’m on a pathetic network with a speed of max: 8 kBps , i decided to get my hands on google desktop and yahoo widgets. Google desktop(with widgets and a super cool desktop search engine ) : 2 MBYahoo...

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