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Competition will ameliorate you.. Atleast thats the case with BSNL and ADL .. The two most accepted broadband providers in Trivandrum and Cochin.. Just after Bsnl introduced an unlimited Broadband plan(256 kbps UL 900 and UL 900 plus) ADL upgraded their existing unlimited homenet to 256kbps. Both ADL and Bsnl have ramped up their Customer care service and  now you get quick responses to your queries.I admired ADL for their fast responses to new connection requests.They used to give out new conections with in 4~5 days where as BSNL took almost a month for my DIAS connection. Whatever it may be, its changing now. I booked for BSNL DataOne connection on this Monday(12th June) and they assured me that connection will be ready within 7 days. BSNL Kaimanam AE called me just a few hours ago and told me that my modem is ready and they will come today afternoon .. A new connection within 4 days! Yea, it depends on your exchange but still … 
              Coming back to ADL..My cousin said she has a new problem with ADL..She loved to call ADL guys and complaint them about noisy connection and drop outs… But now ADL is so smooth ..no dropouts..no blackouts.. Perfect!!  And my poor cousin is furious with a No_Complaint_ADL ..
    About a comparison between these two , it depends upon your usage.If you are some one who play lots of online games and dont care about upload speed , Bsnl is for you. And if you are a serious seeder, broadcaster, or manages a heavy website which needs daily caring(huge ftp uploads ) ADL is suited for you. ADL gives you a full 256 kbps upload bandwidth while bsnl gives you only a 64kbps uload.(ADL bandwidth is shared – that means total bandwidth (Upload +download )is 256 kbps . You can use a full 256 kbps upload with 0 download or vice versa at the same time..Bsnl on the other hand uses dedicated upload and download channels ) . Moereover there are some other factors which decides the Qos like your locality(distance from exchange ) , and density of users ..

 I think it will be my last post from Airtel Gprs connection. I brought back  my pc  to tvm yesterday . And right now, i am waiting for those bsnl guys …for a good connection…for a fraggig fest with my friends…for all those downloads..

                     After a long 6 months here i am , waiting to logon to a broadband connection…

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