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Month: July 2006

Another Music tag…

Tagged again by KickAsso.. This time its a music tag.. You play your whole music collection with shuffle on, ask the question, leave a comment and go to next song. Anyway i dont have my entire collection in my hdd..All my hindi, tamil , malayalam and trance are on continuing with what i have on my harddisk.. 1. How does the world see you? Evanescence – Whisper err.. what to interpret from that?? everyone whisper about me?? :OO: 2. Will I have a happy life? Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists ooww.. oww.. omg..  so my life will be  a disturbed one??  with 10000 fists above my head.?noo.. nooo 3. What do my friends think of me? missy elliot ft nally – Pump it Up  (Oh yeaaah?) Yeah! I shakes my butt I shakes my gut like “yeah, bitch what?” i shakes my butt???? thats wat u r thinking abt me?? 4. Do people secretly lust after me? Static X – Black And White ok and white means flashback.,..and so..people dont secretly lust after me now!! 5. How can I make myself happy? Evanescence – Goodnite Aaaahaa!  this seems working.. sleeping is one thing  that makes happy.. 6. What should I do with my life? Enrique Iglesias – Heroe i’l be a hero!!! superman?? krishh? err.. 7. Will I ever have children? Mortal Kombat- Annihilation “choose ur destiny.....

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Govt blames ISPs..ISPs says they are helpless…

According to hindustan times , Govt only wanted to block only 4 blogs from .And they issued order to ISPs to block these 4 blogs in any manner..But our ISPs don’t have the technology to block individual name servers — say a particular blog hosted on Blogspot. So they had no choice but to block the root servers of major blogging networks — blogspot, geocities and typepad.This block is a mindless exercise and shows that our bureaucrats don’t understand technology at all. Read more...

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Tips for Unblocking Blog Bans

After the bans on blogspot, typepad ,geocities etc. , many people came up with innovative ideas to unblock the baned domains.One most usefull idea is to use a different proxy. And if u want to browse any blogspot blogs, use Pkblogs  which was created actually during the ban on blogspot in pakistan.We can use it only for blogspot domains.Some other techniques to overcome the ban are : Approach 1 Google, Yahoo, WorldLingo and Altavista Babelfish provide free online language translation tools that let you convert webpages from one language to another. The trick is to instruct the translation tool to translate a given webpage URL from English to English (or any other language pair like Arabic to Arabic) By doing so, you get to see the exact blocked webpage on your computer served from the translation service server bypassing the government internet filter – all the page formatting, javascripts, hyperlinks, comments, Google ads and other layout elements are preserved. Click the above URL to see this trick in action. If the page you are viewing is in a different language, replace the en_en pair with the corresponding pair like de_de for German or it_it for Italian. must be replaced with your URL that’s blocked. This translation trick works only with Altavista Babelfish and not with Google or Yahoo babelfish even though the underlying Systran technology is the...

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India Govt Banned Blogspot

First of all , sorry for a big Delay in blogging. Its my post after a one month gap. Actually i was busy with some other stuffs..Went to Delhi for week and i was completly offline for 7~8 days. Anyway i am still busy but i thought its the time for me ,like all other indian bloggers , to protest against a rude, unreasonable and unfair attempt by Indian Govt . Yesterday when i was going through my ususual routine of checking RSS feeds of various blogs.And all blogspot accounts returned error.When i checked some blogger accounts it returned a timed out error.(Some people says they get a banned error!!) . I thought blogspot server may be down.Even after a few hours there is no change. Even at night things where same..I googled and found out some news in Indian ISPs are blocking blogger accounts! WTF!!  I agree that there are some anti-Indian blogs in blogspot.But what about others? Almost all my friends blog in blogspot as it is simple and free.Backed up by google , it gives reasonable service with less downtime. Thats the reaseon why everyone opted for blogspot for satrting their blog. I used to blog on Blogspot and later switched to my own domain. I know people who run business through blogspot blogs.Some use it as a news service. And now..!! I think indian...

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