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First of all , sorry for a big Delay in blogging. Its my post after a one month gap. Actually i was busy with some other stuffs..Went to Delhi for week and i was completly offline for 7~8 days. Anyway i am still busy but i thought its the time for me ,like all other indian bloggers , to protest against a rude, unreasonable and unfair attempt by Indian Govt .

Yesterday when i was going through my ususual routine of checking RSS feeds of various blogs.And all blogspot accounts returned error.When i checked some blogger accounts it returned a timed out error.(Some people says they get a banned error!!) . I thought blogspot server may be down.Even after a few hours there is no change. Even at night things where same..I googled and found out some news in Indian ISPs are blocking blogger accounts! WTF!!  I agree that there are some anti-Indian blogs in blogspot.But what about others? Almost all my friends blog in blogspot as it is simple and free.Backed up by google , it gives reasonable service with less downtime. Thats the reaseon why everyone opted for blogspot for satrting their blog. I used to blog on Blogspot and later switched to my own domain. I know people who run business through blogspot blogs.Some use it as a news service. And now..!! I think indian govt is taking some harsh steps after the mumbai tragedy. Its ok to ban anti-Indian sites.But it has to be precise. You cant block entire domain just because of having 1 or 2 violent sites. Even mumbai help(a blog created after the trajedy for providing help and service to people affected by the bomb blast) was blocked! So the next step will be blocking as one can reach a “anti-indian” site by searching in google.I think its the time to react . We , the bloggers need to protest.No one else is going to give pressure as i dont think the polititians even know about blogging.First i thought about mass mailing.But now..i think it would be better to tell them directly about it through telephone(I thought abt this after reading this blog ) . Phone numbers are available here and here .

Till then you can use this simple trick to bypass the ban

PS : If you are from govt and you think this site looks offensive .. GO Ban it!!

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