I am lazy now…Lazy to do anything worthwhile. I can spend hours on gaming now , but cant spent a minute for blogging..Its not like i am out of content…Everytime when i see something cool or techy , there is an urge in me to blog about it.But everytime i end up in cz!  😀 So ..Now i created some time (Yea CREATED) for blogging and there is a special reason for that.
The reason is , Its August 24th! And exactly 1 year ago, at the same time, i was suffering from what you can call as how-to-tell-her confusion! I wanted to propose her and she wanted to propose me! Everything was fine and we both knew that we love each other.But either of us couldnt tell it.Some sort of fear.Atleast thats what i had. A fear that how she will respond.What if she drops me? Can i afford a life without her? But somehow i told her..And she became mine..for ever.. Now after 365 days , i am much changed .I am ready to face the life.I have an aim in life. I stopped fagging.Now i am much more carefull while riding bike.Infact , i started using a lid now cause I need to live. More over , now i have a control in the way i handle cash.!!! Yea! I was a cola addict! 7~8 bottles of pepsi a day!And now its  1~2 bottle a month.A BIG CHANGE . No i am not kidding.Just think about the money i am saving now. Whatever i do, i know its because of her.Thank you vids …Thank you for helping me..Thank you for showing me what life is..Thank you for being with me .. for ever..