Why does Yahoo! need an ad campaign?


                Could it be that Yahoo! needs an ad campaign because it finds it difficult to compete successfully online?Yahoo !  announced this morning it is launching a marketing campaign. The integrated campaign will include television, radio, movies and online advertisements as well as free Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (?!). It is labeled as a multi-million dollar campaign. The ads will debut Thursday, September 21 and the coffee giveaway is for Yahoo.com visitors on September 22. The ads seems to emphasize their signature tagline and aim to revitalize Yahoo!’s brand, highlighting Yahoo’s new home page, the new beta mail and the success of Yahoo! Answers.
                 The ads are humorous and playful. Theme: how life is without Yahoo’s services and how it can be with Yahoo at your side. Cute. Well, I liked them. You can watch them here.  The one below is what i liked most !! 😛


However, while marketing campaigns definitely have an important place in any company’s strategy, this latest by Yahoo! looks a little like a desperate move. Can’t compete with rivals on the same level (whether it’s technology or being deemed passé)? Then turn to commercials.

With Google taking over the online search market and other Internet portals eating away at Yahoo!’s market share, Yahoo! is trying to build awareness with the commercials. The problem is that I’m not sure ads shown on TV are the way to go. Internet users get to sites more by viral marketing than commercials — unless perhaps a specific service is provided, such as anti-virus, let’s say. And a site becomes a favorite because it offers something unique, not because its yodel is heard night and day on the radio.

If we consider Google or MySpace, how much TV and radio advertising have they done? (Not to say they’re not spending heavily on marketing, especially Google, but not like that).

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