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Protect your password in cyber cafe and on public computers


Some time or the other, you must have used cyber dafe or public computers to access internet or mail.Public computers are most prone to password hacking. Anyone can simply install a keylogger software to hack your password.Keylogging is one of the most insidious threats to a user’s personal information. Passwords, credit card numbers etc.It is now very easy for the keylogger to harvest...

Normaliz.dll not found error fix


 If you are getting " Explorer Failed to open .Normaliz.dll missing.Reinstalling the application will solve the error" message when logging on to your computer  , you may have recently installed Internet explorer 7 beta / Final version and it fucked up your dlls. No problem. Fixing it is simple. Download the file below and extract normaliz.dll to windows/system32 File:...

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