If you are getting " Explorer Failed to open .Normaliz.dll missing.Reinstalling the application will solve the error" message when logging on to your computer  , you may have recently installed Internet explorer 7 beta / Final version and it fucked up your dlls. No problem. Fixing it is simple. Download the file below and extract normaliz.dll to windows/system32

File: normaliz.zip

DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/2470276/normaliz.zip.html

Tip : To copy this file you need to browse through the drives. But with out an explorer it may sound hard. Not at all. Just open task manager by alt+ctrl+del and open "New task" . There you will get a browse window. Just browse through it. Dont forget to change "file types " to "all " from "programs"  in that window. Else you will miss non-exe files.