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Month: May 2007

Google Phone Tomorrow?

We try to leave the rumors to other people, but there is definitely something new coming from Google tomorrow. English blog have been invited to a special event in which Google will be revealing a “product for mobiles”. Whether this will be the launch of the long rumored Google Phone is unknown. It could just be another one of their endlessly ‘in beta’ services, but we have our fingers crossed. Whatever it turns out to be, you’ll hear about it here tomorrow. Is Google about to unveil the Google phone?...

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New Hotmail Unveiled – Google Still Offers More Than Either Yahoo or Microsoft – Gmail Offers Free POP3 Accounts – Comparison

(Best Syndication) Although more people use Microsoft Hotmail than Google gMail, their new Windows Live Hotmail still lacks some functionality. Many industry watchers say it is about time that Microsoft upgrad their free email service, especially with stiff competition from Google and Yahoo!. Hotmail now offers 2 GB of storage for free, coming closer to Google’s 2.6 GB. This is a significant upgrade for Microsoft because they had been offering only 1 GB of storage. Although Yahoo limits their free service to 1 GB of disk space, they are expected to offer unlimited space this month. Their email service is free as well, but may not work perfectly with all browsers including Firefox. The competition is fierce between the three rivals. Yahoo still charges $20 per year for POP3 service which allows users to access their email clients including Outlook and Eudora. Google offers that service for free, and Microsoft is expected to offer POP3 service later on for Outlook only. Free POP3 Service and mail forwarding is the biggest advantage for Google, and one reason they have become so popular. With the Yahoo and Hotmail free service you have to use your browser to access your email. With Google, you can use your browser or your email client to access all of your email accounts at once, free of charge. Offering these POP3 servers is a huge expense...

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