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Big Bikes? For us?


I was going through my routine blog dose and found this interesting post in The Bike Chronicles of India by Payeng , which is undoubtfully the most repected biking blog in India. He points to the news of yamaha launching liter class bikes in India ( yea..start dreaming!!) .But the thing is , they bring it as CBU(Completely Built Units) which is almost equal to the price given to an imported Bike...

2008 – Year of Mobile??


I have been hearing this for last 4~6 year- “Next year is of Mobiles!” Analysts, gurus, and pundits point to massive device adoption overseas. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft continue to invest heavily in mobile technology, including ad serving, testing different monetization schemes and ad formats. But mobile needs to become material and more of consumer behavior influencer for more...

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.


OK, I’ve had with you people. You know who you are. Yeah, you’re the people hu tipe like dis. You’re the people hU tInK ItS cOoL 2 tIpE lIkE tHiS aLl ThE tImE!!!!!!! Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Just because we’re on the internet does not mean that you can forget everything you know about grammar, spelling, language, or just plain old ****ing LOGIC AND COMMON SENSE. Seriously, folks, is this really...

Airtel Hack for free internet


These are all the tricks i know so far You need a PC or a Laptop and the required connectivity tools ,ie., Serial/USB cable OR Infrared Device OR Bluetooth dongle 1) Activate Airtel Live! ( It’s FREE so no probs) 2) Create TWO Airtel gprs data accounts (yep TWO) and select the FIRST as the active profile. 3) Connect your mobile to the PC (or Laptop) and install the driver for your mobile’s modem...

How to Break Into Email Accounts


Disclaimer : I do not endorse Hacking ! This is meant for educational purpose only ! I want u to know how others can try break into your Personal life ! Beware !! This is a Genuine Article.Will try to add in as much as possible.Keep posting comment on this article ! Introduction I have written this tutorial to address a question that is all too commonly asked in any channel/chat room with...

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