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I was going through my routine blog dose and found this interesting post in The Bike Chronicles of India by Payeng , which is undoubtfully the most repected biking blog in India.

Yamaha brings super bikes to india

He points to the news of yamaha launching liter class bikes in India ( yea..start dreaming!!) .But the thing is , they bring it as CBU(Completely Built Units) which is almost equal to the price given to an imported Bike. So , we Indians ,with our roads and our pockets, and ofcourse our traffic, mind to pay 1 milion rupees for getting a super bike ? As payeng says,

“I have to get married, buy a house, have kids, save for their education, buy a car and save for my retirement..!! From where the hell can I afford the 10 lakh needed for the R1..??”

Its not that i am that old,(just on my early 20s) , but i know how hard it would be for me to spend out 10 lakh bucks for a bike.(Unless i win a jackpot any soon!) . I know how hard it is to earn enough for a decent life. I know how harsh it would be to ride a CBR to a party after sending my family in a cab.

Then , what if the japs starts building super bikes here in India? I mean, if they can sell a 1000cc bike for 4~5 lakhs,would it be a nice idea to buy it? Yes, it is. Only if the roads here become to a better state. What should i do with a 1000cc between my legs and never get a chance to utilize atleast 1/4th of its power? Just like Payeng said, i will opt for 250cc Twin for my commutes than a liter class bike in my garage.

Few days back , i found another blog post by rearset who is the one who brings the latest scoops in indian biking industry. He says

...I’d rather ride an R1 slowly through
a pothole than not ride one at all…

I am not offending him. But whats the difference between riding an R1 slowly through potholes and a Platina in similar roads? Apart from the drooling stares you get , in both cases your bikes get damaged and the adreline is almost zero.And for a platina a bend fork or damaged shocks will set you back by a 1000 bucks.But for an R1? Think guys …THINK!

I would also suggest you all to pay a visit to this blog post by first_synn . As he says ,

if any one can give me a 1000 CC bike that looks like Eva Longoria on two wheels, with 100 BHp of raw power and 100KM/l mileage and price it at Rs 50,000, I shall WORSHIP you and drink the water that washes your feet.

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  • You are really funny dude however you obviously have a point…in any case some humans like the fact that there are such tools out there. I know for sure that i would be one who would probably say what payeng says about the money for other things part however I would also like to think that some guy similar to our pothole rider would buy something like that and I get to see him ride around on something that I equally or probably love even more than him. Point in consideration that reality eventually kicks in but fantasy has its own place. No bad feelings anyone who reads this post.

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