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Taking a break!


Atlast ..Exams are near. As i consider this as my last attempt and hoping that i’l clear my papers before leaving this college, i took a decision that i will make use of my brain now for exams.(Atleast i can try for it! ) . So i myself put a ban on using internet or even my PC for a month. Meanwhile, i ‘may’ post some entries if i am really bored with books. So bye for a month! 😉

Lost in Lust!


I have upgraded this blog to latest WordPress 2.3.1 . I wanted the Tagging support and so I couldn’t wait when wordpress launched their latest stable version. And I tried tagging!!!But in that process I lost all my categories. 🙁 . So I am in a boring process of manually adding categories to all my posts. Consider editing 200 posts one by one. And to add to that , I am on a gprs connection...

Two blogs..One Life


   As you all may have noticed this particular blog used to have several biking related posts in the past. Later I thought it would be better if I separate my biking and tech blog posts and decided to have two blogs . So I started Surely its hard for me to maintain two blogs. But considering the ease of readers of two entirely different sectors , I still think its better...

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