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January : New class.. New friends.. After almost 1.5 years(6 months proj+6 months of bunking+6 months Sem out 😛 )  of academic black out , i was brought back into the system this january. I  had a fear about how the new friends (My-supposed-to-be-juniors 😀 ) will accept my presence. But thankfully everything was fine and great! Bought a new Computer. Retained my monitor and dvdwriter. Everything...

DSL in ADSL!! Bsnl gone crazy?


Can Any one justify what i am getting now? I was supposed to get 64kbps upload speed on my ul900 plan (256kbps ). And thats what i was getting 3 months ago. On october i disconnected my service as i was out of the city till december. This week i applied again and got connection immediatly on my old modem and line. Now See this Can any one tell me why it is like this? First i noticed it when i...

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