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Month: December 2007

2007 – LogFile

January : New class.. New friends.. After almost 1.5 years(6 months proj+6 months of bunking+6 months Sem out 😛 )  of academic black out , i was brought back into the system this january. I  had a fear about how the new friends (My-supposed-to-be-juniors 😀 ) will accept my presence. But thankfully everything was fine and great! Bought a new Computer. Retained my monitor and dvdwriter. Everything else was new and decided to keep my old pc for my networking experiments. Started . An attempt to archive the ads shown in indian Television channels.The reason was my new Tv Tuner card which was superior to the one i was using before. February : Started a new attempt in piracy 😀 .Opened a new blog for cracked series60 version 3 (Symbian 9.1) applications.Things were good except that i feared that my future may be in danger as the domain for that blog was a subdomain of A new guest – Beer came to my life. 😀 No , I just wanted to gain some weight.3 Beers per week was the agenda! 😉 Enjoyed life to the max with my friends Deepu , Abhi and Arjun . March : Wat happened ? Nothing.. I dont remember! 😛 Yea!! Stopped Beer!I realized that beer have to nothing to do with gaining weight! April: Piracy got into a step ahead. Opened...

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DSL in ADSL!! Bsnl gone crazy?

Can Any one justify what i am getting now? I was supposed to get 64kbps upload speed on my ul900 plan (256kbps ). And thats what i was getting 3 months ago. On october i disconnected my service as i was out of the city till december. This week i applied again and got connection immediatly on my old modem and line. Now See this Can any one tell me why it is like this? First i noticed it when i tried to upload my fotos through picassa. I was getting around 30kBps. Then i tried uploading via ftp and rapidshare . I was getting 25+ kBps. In torrents its almost 30kBps. Is it something unique for my connection alone? Or was there any change between these three...

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